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RIBA44997Village Centre, New Ash Green, Kent: The Row

RIBA44999Village Centre, New Ash Green, Kent: The Row with restaurant topped by viewing tower on the right

RIBA44996Village Centre, New Ash Green, Kent: the setting-down point and car park at the southern entry to the centre

RIBA7563Village Post Office and cottages, Greendale Road, Port Sunlight

RIBA10924Village post office and houses, Greendale Road, Port Sunlight

RIBA98761Visualisation of Barbican Estate, City of London, looking north towards St. Giles Church

RIBA93289Volta River settlement: original settlement

RIBA93290Volta River settlement: the rehoused village

RIBA62984Warehouse and listed houses on College Lane, King's Lynn, Norfolk

RIBA10422Water Gardens, Harlow, Essex: the formal terraced garden

RIBA10421Water Gardens, Harlow, Essex: the lower canal of the top terrace with concrete abstracted 'lions head' bas reliefs disgorging water designed by William Mitchell

RIBA32872Waterloo Bridge, roundabout and approach to Waterloo Station, London: bird's eye perspective of proposed redevelopment

RIBA59324Wates Flats, Roehampton Lane, London

RIBA59325Wates Flats, Roehampton Lane, London

RIBA36763Welwyn Garden City, Herfordshire: town plan indicating zones, road and rail communications, buildings and open spaces

RIBA19902West site housing, Lansbury, Poplar, London

RIBA47975West terraces, Grey Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

RIBA47961West terraces, Grey Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

RIBA68927Westbourne Terrace, London

RIBA47411Willenhall Wood housing estate, Coventry

RIBA90878William Henry Street, Saltaire, West Yorkshire

RIBA63947Wimpey contract 14 houses for four- and five-person families, Killingworth Township (later Killingworth), North Tyneside

RIBA63948Wimpey contract 14 houses for four- and five-person families, Killingworth Township (later Killingworth), North Tyneside

RIBA25005World's End redevelopment, King's Road, Chelsea, London: view from the King's Road across World's End Place


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