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RIBA100875Examples of French Gothic architecture and architectural features: diagrams, plans and perspectives

RIBA100876Examples of French Gothic architectural features; A) SW tower, Amiens Cathedral; B) SW spire, Chartres; C) NW tower, Notre Dame, Paris; D) window, St. Mary, Dinan; E) rose window, Notre Dame, Paris; F) stone pulpit stair, Notre Dame, Paris; G) Chapel, Laon Cathedra; H) rose window, St. Ouen, Rouen; J) choir chapel, Norrey

RIBA100877Cathedral of Notre Dame, Reims: plans, elevations, section and perspectives

RIBA100878Beauvais Cathedral: plan, elevations, sections and perspectives

RIBA100879Examples of French Gothic architecture; A) Le Chateau d'O Mortree; B) Palais de Justice, Rouen; C) Hotel de Villes, Bourges; D) timber house, Caen; E) Louis XII Stair, Chateau de Blois; F) stone chimney-piece, Hotel de Ville, Bourges; G) timber house, Beauvais; H) Hotel de Cluny, Paris; J) half-timberhouse, St. Lo

RIBA100880Examples of French Gothic architectural features from ecclesiastical buildings

RIBA100881Examples of French Gothic architectureal features from ecclesiastical buildings

RIBA100882Doge's Palace, Venice: plan, elevations and perspective

RIBA100885Milan Cathedral

RIBA100886Milan Cathedral: plans, sections and perspective

RIBA100890St Stephen's Cathedral (Stephansdom), Vienna: plans, sections, elevations and perspectives

RIBA100891St. Elizabeth, Marburg (A-K): plans, sections, elevations and perspectives

RIBA100892Examples of Gothic architecture from Central Europe

RIBA100893Examples of Gothic architecture from Central Europe

RIBA100895Comparative plans of English cathedrals (A-F): Ely; York; Winchester; Peterborough; Salisbury; Lincoln

RIBA100896Comparative plans of English cathedrals (A-E): Worcester; Canterbury; Gloucester; Norwich; Durham

RIBA100897Comparative plans of English cathedrals (A-K): St. Asaph; Manchester; Oxford; Bangor; Exeter; St. Albans; Chichester; Rochester; Wells; Southwell

RIBA100898Comparative plans of English cathedrals (A-K): Christ-Church, Dublin; Carlisle; Llandaff; Glasgow; St. David's; Chester; Ripon; Hereford; Lichfield; Bristol

RIBA100902Salisbury Cathedral: elevations, sections and perspectives

RIBA100903Cathedral of Our Lady (Onze Lieve Vrouwkathedraal) Antwerp: plan, section and perspectives

RIBA100904Church of St Gudule and St Michel, Lower Town, Brussels: plan, elevations, section and perspectives

RIBA100905Examples of Gothic architectural features in Belgium: A) windows, Town Hall, Louvain; B) south apse, Tournai; C) archway, St. Jacques, Liege; D) chimney-piece, Town Hall, Courtrai; E) chimney- piece, Town Hall, Audenarde; F) arcade & vaulting, the Bourse, Antwerp; G) screen, Aerschot

RIBA100906Examples of Gothic architecture in Belgium; A) Town Hall, Audenarde; B) The Skipper's House, Ghent; C) Cloth Hall s & Belfry, Bruges; D) old houses, Malines; E) Town Hall, Brussels; F) Town Hall, Bruges; G) Town Hall, Louvain

RIBA100907Burgos Cathedral: plan and perspectives


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