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RIBA13894Crooksbury House, Farnham, Surrey: the gardener's cottage

RIBA13895Crooksbury House, Farnham, Surrey: the gardener's cottage

RIBA13896Living room fireplace in an unidentified house

RIBA13897Hall or living room in an unidentified house

RIBA1565542, Cheyne Walk, London: staircase with iron balustrade looking down to hall

RIBA15690Deanery Garden, Sonning, Berkshire: the house seen from the water garden

RIBA15691Deanery Garden, Sonning, Berkshire: view of the great bay window of the hall looking towards the water garden

RIBA15693Deanery Garden, Sonning, Berkshire: the main entrance seen from the orchard steps

RIBA15694Deanery Garden, Sonning, Berkshire: the Fountain Court

RIBA15695Deanery Garden, Sonning, Berkshire: the Fountain Court looking towards the vaulted passage entrance

RIBA15696Deanery Garden, Sonning, Berkshire: the dining room with Edward Hudson's collection of rustic pewter and ceramics displayed on the sideboard

RIBA15924Palacio de Liria, Madrid: Sala de Goya

RIBA16930A pair of lodges at Park Hatch, Hascombe, Surrey

RIBA17077Midland Bank, King Street, Manchester

RIBA17155Tyringham House, Buckinghamshire: the Temple of Music

RIBA17156Tyringham House, Buckinghamshire: the Temple of Music seen from the swimming pool

RIBA17157Tyringham House, Buckinghamshire: the swimming pool with the Temple of Music on the right and the Bathing Pavilion on the left

RIBA17196Drum Inn, Cockington, Devon

RIBA17197Drum Inn, Cockington, Devon: the dining room

RIBA17944Little Thakeham, Thakeham, West Sussex: the hall

RIBA17945Preliminary design for Munstead Wood, Godalming

RIBA21171Design for a bookplate for Mary Fenwick, featuring a colonnaded bridge or folly in the Classical style

RIBA21172Design for a proposed church

RIBA21187Record sketches of Chinthurst Hill, Wonersh, Surrey, including details of the entrance porch, fireplaces and a window


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