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RIBA10145Tynemouth Aquarium, Winter Garden and Baths, Northumberland

RIBA16716St Giles in the Fields and St George Bloomsbury public baths and washhouses, London

RIBA16985Swimming pool and private baths, Bath Road, Bournemouth

RIBA25615Thermae di Stabiae, Pompeii: petrified corpse of a Pompeian lying in a display case in the tepidarium

RIBA25619Thermae, The Forum, Herculaneum: the apsidal caldarium in the men's baths

RIBA28196Unfinished longitudinal section of the great hall of an Imperial Bath building

RIBA28199Studies of architectural details from the Baths of Caracalla, the Pantheon and the Temple of Hadrian (the borsa), Rome

RIBA28213Sketches of architectural details of the Baths of Constantine and the Portico of Octavia, Rome

RIBA28215Sketches of a reconstructed plan of the Baths of Agrippa, Rome, and elevations of two tabernacles

RIBA31339Tynemouth Aquarium, Winter Garden and Baths, Northumberland: south-east perspective view with the beach and sea in the foreground

RIBA53946Study of Trajan's Column and the Temple of Bacchus at Santa Costanza, Rome: plan and elevation of the top of the column, plan of the forecourt of the temple

RIBA76382Swimming baths, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

RIBA76383Swimming baths, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey

RIBA83074Sketch of the site proposed for public baths in Newcastle-upon-Tyne

RIBA92105Villa of Diomedes, Pompeii: section through rooms in the bath complex

RIBA92107Villa of Diomedes, Pompeii: elevation of one of the rooms in the bath complex

RIBA92111Villa of Diomedes, Pompeii: plan of part of the baths complex containing the plunge pool

RIBA92112Villa of Diomedes, Pompeii: section through the plunge pool in the baths complex

RIBA92113Villa of Diomedes, Pompeii: plan and section of part of the baths complex containing the tepidarium and caldarium

RIBA92116Villa of Diomedes, Pompeii: plan of the baths complex

RIBA95991Survey drawing of the remains of a Roman hypocaust, Lower Thames Street, City of London: plan, section and details

RIBA101030Unidentified hammam (baths), Istanbul


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