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RIBA9081Cathedral of St Etienne, Bourges

RIBA9088Cathedral of St Etienne, Bourges

RIBA9486Cathedral of St Lawrence, Trogir

RIBA19655Cathedral of St Fulcran, Lodeve

RIBA22660Cathedral of Santa Maria, Seville: perspective of the cathedral and Giralda bell tower

RIBA27370Cathedral of St Etienne, Cahors: the nave seen from the cloisters

RIBA27576Cathedral of St Etienne, Bourges: the bell

RIBA27667Cathedral of St Gatien, Tours

RIBA46248Cathedral of St Duje and bell tower, Split

RIBA46249Cathedral of St Duje and bell tower, Split

RIBA59018Cathedral of Santa Maria, Astorga, Castile and Leon

RIBA59020Cathedral of Santa Maria, Seville: the Giralda bell tower

RIBA60813Cathedral of St Gatien, Tours: the west front

RIBA60932Cathedral of St Andrew (Duomo di Sant'Andrea), Piazza del Duomo, Amalfi, Campania

RIBA90168Cathedral of Santa Maria, Seville

RIBA90169Cathedral of Santa Maria, Seville

RIBA107970Cathedral of St Anastasia, Zadar

RIBA107976Cathedral of St Anastasia, Zadar: the rear elevation with its campanile

RIBA108069Cathedral of St Lawrence, Trogir: the belfy

RIBA108084Cathedral of St Lawrence, Trogir: the belfry

RIBA108085Cathedral of St Lawrence, Trogir: the belfry

RIBA108155Cathedral of Santa Maria, Seville

RIBA108180Cathedral of Santa Maria with the Giralda on the right, Seville

RIBA135216Cathedral of Santa Maria, Seville: the Giralda bell tower at night


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