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RIBA3251-49Composite capital

RIBA18903Corinthian capital

RIBA19699Composite capital from the Porta dei Leoni, Verona

RIBA22288Coutances Cathedral: study of columns and capitals from a chapel in the apse

RIBA22368Column, capital and entablature of the Ionic Order: perspective view

RIBA22370Column, capital and entablature of the Tuscan Order: perspective view

RIBA28226Conjectural reconstruction of the Temple of Fortune, Palestrina

RIBA28373Composite capital

RIBA28394Conjectural reconstruction of the Amphiteatrum Castrensis, Rome

RIBA29580Description with a geometric diagram indicating how to draw an Ionic capital and volute

RIBA29582Description with a geometric diagram indicating how to draw an Ionic volute

RIBA31831Conjectural reconstruction of the Porta dei Leoni, Verona

RIBA56300Coutts Bank headquarters, 440 Strand, London: close-up of the Corinthian columns of the Adelaide Street facade

RIBA65632Corinthian temple (Hadrianic Temple), Cnidus (Knidos): the order of the columns

RIBA65635Corinthian temple (Hadrianic Temple), Cnidus (Knidos): the order of the interior antae

RIBA65636Corinthian temple (Hadrianic Temple), Cnidus (Knidos): detail of the capitals of the columns

RIBA67108Contract drawings for the Church of Saint Augustine, Shaw Street, Everton, Liverpool: plan, elevation and section of Ionic capitals on columns under the pulpit

RIBA69130Crescent apartments, Central Promenade, Douglas: detail of the central faience facade

RIBA85712Corinthian order: base, pedestal and impost mouldings

RIBA96871Composite order

RIBA96872Composite order

RIBA98284Conjectural reconstruction of Roman temples at Baalbek

RIBA100858Comparative Piers, Caps and Bases (A-V); Norman, Early English, Decoratived, Perpendicular: plans and details

RIBA100859Comparative Carved Capitals (A-M); Norman, Early English, Decorated, Perpendicular


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