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RIBA12888Illustrated letter from Edwin Lutyens to Barby (Barbara) Lutyens for her fourth birthday, London

RIBA14418Kells Community Centre, Whitehaven

RIBA14451Kensal House, Kensal Rise, London

RIBA14467Lascelles school, Harrow, London: a classroom

RIBA15733Lillington Gardens estate, Pimlico, London: children playing in one of the walled gardens

RIBA15734Lillington Gardens Estate, Pimlico, London: a family group watching television

RIBA17182King Alfred School, Hampstead, London

RIBA36083Illustration demonstrating the advantages of placing health, shopping, recreation, education, work and travel facilities within easy reach of the home

RIBA36084Illustration demonstrating the advantages of placing shopping facilities within easy reach of the home

RIBA36085Illustration demonstrating the advantages of siting schools and nurseries safely away from crossing traffic

RIBA36086Illustration demonstrating the importance of both indoor and outdoor recreation to adults and children alike

RIBA42890Infants' school, Garston, Watford: the assembly hall

RIBA51116Lillington Gardens Estate, Pimlico, London: children playing in front of Repton House

RIBA58402Kensal House, Kensal Rise, London: the nursery school and playground

RIBA62661Junior boys seated at the memorial dedicated to pupils lost in World War I, Christ's Hospital, Horsham, West Sussex

RIBA62663Junior boys processing, Christ's Hospital, Horsham, West Sussex

RIBA69367John, James and Anne Ravilious with Victoria Richards

RIBA69370James Ravilious

RIBA69371John Ravilious

RIBA71821Linton Village College, Cambridgeshire: the west corridor

RIBA75457Lanteglos, Calenick, near Truro: the upper terrace outside the living room with Jean Blomfield and one of the children

RIBA77292John Henry Newman School, London

RIBA80437Katherine Frances ('Kittie') Gosselin with her daughter Mary (May) Frances Emma

RIBA113582INA-Casa housing, Valco di San Paolo, Rome


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