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RIBA3902Design for a monument to Richard Gwillym

RIBA13417Design for a temporary ceremonial structure

RIBA16857Design for a proposed Sussex Memorial

RIBA18727Design for a national Naval Monument in Trafalgar Square, London

RIBA19518Design for a tabernacle

RIBA20221Design for a Shakespeare Memorial Theatre

RIBA20231Design for a painted wood memorial hatchment for the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul, Bilsington Kent

RIBA20865Design for a monumental building or National Valhalla of the Doric order on a grand quay

RIBA20925Design for a monument to Prince Franz Ludwig of Neuberg, Archbishop of Mainz, Augustinerkirche, Vienna

RIBA21064Design for a monumental column

RIBA22248Design for a monument to Queen Victoria

RIBA29187Design for a tomb featuring coloured marble panels and three kneeling figures

RIBA29668Design for a regimental memorial to the Prince of Wales's Own Civil Service Rifles in the courtyard of Somerset House, London

RIBA36016Design for a scheme for the improvement of Marble Arch, London: block plan

RIBA37562Design for a monument to the foundation of the Graphic Society by William Brockedon: frontal perspective

RIBA65896Design for a monument to William Brockedon in the form of a circular tempietto on a podium

RIBA66183Design for a monument to the late Rev. J. Riland

RIBA66194Design for a monument to the Rev. Walter Trevelyan, Church of Saint Mary, Henbury, Bristol: elevation

RIBA66203Design for a monument to the memory of Mrs Charles Smith, Suttons, Essex, for Charles Smith Esq: plan and elevation

RIBA66233Design for a standing monument: elevation

RIBA66241Design for a monument to the memory of Thomas Rickman in St George's churchyard, Newtown, Birmingham: perspective

RIBA66242Design for a monument to the memory of Thomas Rickman in St George's churchyard, Newtown, Birmingham: perspective

RIBA66244Design for a monument with ogee-arched canopy to be set in a wall, Church of Saint Nicholas, Deeping Saint Nicholas, Lincolnshire: elevation

RIBA82669Design for a monument to the memory of Peter Nicholson, Carlisle Cemetery, Carlisle: elevation


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