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RIBA10261Suffolk Street, Pall Mall East, London

RIBA14133Schlussen Cloverleaf road intersection, Stockholm

RIBA14714Roman road at Blackstone Edge, West Yorkshire

RIBA15293Sunset Strip, Los Angeles

RIBA15294Sunset Strip, Los Angeles

RIBA17510Side seen from Dean Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

RIBA19330Scene at a level-crossing at Pisa

RIBA22508St George's House, New Oxford Street, Camden, London, incorporating Barclays Bank: perspective view

RIBA22718Royal Hotel and St Andrew's Chapel (later St Catherine's Church), Lockyer Street, Plymouth: perspective view of the street and its buildings

RIBA36095Site plan demonstrating traffic flow within and beyond a proposed residential development in Shoreditch, London

RIBA38661'South Bound' road marking, Lancaster

RIBA40194Roundabout, Dubai

RIBA43249Sunset Strip, Los Angeles

RIBA47335St George's Street, Canterbury, Kent, with the Cathedral tower in the background

RIBA47648Side street off Steep Hill, Lincoln

RIBA47866Side street, Covent Garden, London

RIBA47949Side seen from Dean Street, Newcastle-upon-Tyne

RIBA54722Smallbrook Ringway looking west, Birmingham

RIBA58789South portal to the Bank of Sweden, Riksgatan, Gamla Stan, Stockholm

RIBA60784Rue du Jerzual, Old Town, Dinan, Brittany

RIBA62227Scotland Yard control room for computer controlled traffic lights, London

RIBA68184Tallis's London street views: Grimstone's Eye Snuff Manufactory, 39 Broad Street, Bloomsbury, London

RIBA68187Tallis's London street views: Grimstone's Eye Snuff Manufactory, 39 Broad Street, Bloomsbury, London

RIBA112941St. Peter's Basilica, Rome: view of the dome behind high retaining walls, with motorcyclist


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