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RIBA9168Castle Acre Priory, Norfolk: the west end church gable

RIBA11878Carloway Broch (Dun Carloway), Lewis, Outer Hebrides

RIBA11879Carloway Broch (Dun Carloway), Lewis, Outer Hebrides

RIBA12903Casa del Poeta, Pompeii

RIBA13531Casa delle Fontanelle, Pompeii

RIBA20053Capriccio entitled 'Architectural List' showing decayed Victorian buildings with a large domed tower leaning perilously in the distance

RIBA21192Capriccio of classical ruins and monuments, including three monumental arches, a rotunda, a pyramid and a single column

RIBA21540Carreg Cennen Castle, near Llandeilo: sketch of the ruins and landscape

RIBA21542Carew Castle, near Pembroke

RIBA22701Capriccio entitled 'The Arcade' showing a Gothic arcade of monumental proportions surmounted and surrounded by a profusion of structures including houses, churches and ruined columns

RIBA22702Capriccio entitled 'The Gateway, Imaginary Scene' showing a castellated Gothic gateway with a large country house in the distance

RIBA35397Capriccio of imaginary landscape with classical ruins and architectural fragments

RIBA35909Capriccio entitled 'The Hoist' showing the ruins of huge masonry arches supporting a complex of small decayed structures with a domed basilica in the distance

RIBA35910Capriccio, entitled 'Furtiss's Underground' showing the ruins of Gothic and classical buildings with a church spire in the distance and smoke or steam emanating from small structure in the foreground

RIBA35911Capriccio, entitled 'The Concrete Pipe' showing a huge industrial pipe set in a fantastical landscape of gothic ruins

RIBA42259Castle Acre Priory, Norfolk: the west end church gable

RIBA55610Castle Acre Priory, Norfolk: the west end church gable

RIBA98044Casa dei Dioscuri (or House of Castor and Pollux), Pompeii: looking across the impluvium in the atrium

RIBA99655Capriccio entitled 'The City'

RIBA100521Capriccio view of the Colosseum and the Arch of Septimus Severus, Rome

RIBA125913Capriccio known as The Skeletons

RIBA125914Capriccio known as The Triumphal Arch

RIBA125915Capriccio known as The Tomb of Nero

RIBA125916Capriccio known as The Monumental Tablet


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