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RIBA4062Design for the restoration of the Parthenon, Athens

RIBA9036Dhammayangyl Temple, Bagan

RIBA9037Dhammayangyl Temple, Bagan: a doorway

RIBA12225Detail of an entablature in the Temple of Sybils, Tivoli

RIBA20284Design for a temple, Rousham Hall, Oxfordshire: elevation and plan

RIBA20632Designs for garden buildings, Gopsall Hall, Gopsall, Leicestershire: plan and elevation of an Ionic rotunda

RIBA20888Design for the Monopteros, a polychrome Greek-style monopteral ornamental temple for the 'Englischer Garten', Munich: elevation

RIBA20949Detail of an Ionic capital, base and entablature from the temple at Priene

RIBA21299Detail of an architrave featuring egg and dart ornament believed to be from the Colonna Gardens, Domus Aurea or Temple of the Sun, Rome

RIBA21328Details of ancient Egyptian doorways, a carved capital and decorated urns

RIBA27923Doric temple in the Acropolis, Selinunte, Sicily: close-up of the column remains

RIBA33851Distant view of the Temple of Hera (Juno) Lacinia, Valle dei Templi, Agrigento, Sicily

RIBA35649Designs for a circular Baroque domed temple or monument containing a central catafalque or altar, possibly intended for a stage set

RIBA36363Design for Freemasons' Hall (Masonic Peace Memorial Building), Great Queen Street, London: detail of mosaic decoration for the Grand Temple coving featuring symbolic elements and statues of Soloman and Hiram

RIBA36365Design for Freemasons' Hall (Masonic Peace Memorial Building), Great Queen Street, London: annotated elevation of the bronze entrance doors to the Grand Temple

RIBA38268Detail of a Doric frieze incorporating a boucranion (bull's skull) motif

RIBA38271Detail of a Doric frieze incorporating a boucranion (bull's skull) motif

RIBA66986Details of the great door of a building near the Temple of Baal Shamin (Temple of the Signa or Temple of the Standards), Palmyra

RIBA67131Doric temple at Segesta, Sicily

RIBA100792Diagrams of 'Optical Corrections in Architecture' (A-J): of examples from Ancient Greece

RIBA100798Doorway of North Portico: Erechtheion, Athens (C-D): elevation and details of entablature

RIBA100803Doorway of Pantheon, Rome (A-C); Doorway of North Portico, Erechtheion, Athens (D-E): elevations and details

RIBA100827Domus Augustana, Rome; (A-B) ); Domus Aurea (C-D): plans and aerial perspective

RIBA111555Diagrams of Japanese temples


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