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RIBA31408Vicar's Close, Wells, Somerset: perspective view of restored terraced housing and the chapel at the north end

RIBA31468St Luke's Schools, Somerset: perspective view

RIBA31469Chapel Allerton parish church, Somerset: perspective view of the restored church

RIBA32011Unexecuted design for an idealised bridge called 'A Bridge of Magnificence' intended to span the Thames at Somerset House, London: perspective vista through the archways and colonnades of the structure looking towards the domed terminal pavilion

RIBA32155Abbey Tithe Barn, Glastonbury, Somerset: sketched perspective

RIBA32170Sketch of the Church of St Peter and St Paul, Bishops Hull, Somerset: perspective view from the south showing the octagonal tower

RIBA32480Sketches of wrought iron chapel screens, gates and finials from the South Kensington Museum (Victoria and Albert Museum): examples include 17th century Italian gates and screens from Countances Cathedral, France and the Church of St John, Frome, Somerset

RIBA32529Design for a tapestry reredos for the Church of All Saints, Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, depicting two historical figures or kings

RIBA32530Design for Downside Abbey Church (Basilica of St Gregory the Great), Downside, Somerset: interior perspective of the chancel

RIBA32762Somerset House, Strand, London: elevation of the Great Gallery facing the Thames

RIBA32982Dyrham Park (House), Gloucestershire, seat of William Blathwayt, and Witham Park, High Wittham, near Frome, Somerset, seat of Sir William Windham: plans of the principal floors

RIBA32983Witham Park, High Wittham, near Frome, Somerset, seat of Sir William Windham: elevation of the entrance front

RIBA35124Design for the Church of Saint Peter & Saint Paul, Kilmersdon, Somerset: the lych gate

RIBA35133Designs for the memorial to Edward Horner in the Church of Saint Andrew, Mells, Somerset: plan, front and side elevations with sections through the church roof

RIBA35219Church of St Mary Somerset, Upper Thames Street, City of London: sketched details of the tower

RIBA35222Sketched elevations of the steeple of the church of St Nicholas Cole Abbey, and tower of St Mary Somerset, City of London

RIBA35998Design relating to Somerset House, Strand, London, seen from the south

RIBA36130Design for Kildare Lodge, Townsend Road, Minehead, Somerset, for Dr. Gordon Henry: perspective view of the living room

RIBA36348Design for the Hippodrome Theatre, East Street, Bedminster, Somerset: plan

RIBA36349Design for the Hippodrome Theatre, East Street, Bedminster, Somerset: elevation and section

RIBA36350Design for the Hippodrome Theatre, East Street, Bedminster, Somerset: lateral section

RIBA37506Ashton Court, Somerset: perspective sketch of the entrance front

RIBA38007Wells Cathedral, Somerset: the Chain Gate and Vicars' Hall

RIBA38008Wells Cathedral, Somerset: the Bishop's Palace


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