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RIBA44778Sydenham Park, London: one of the many weather-beaten stone sculptures

RIBA44779Sydenham Park, London: sculpture of Neptune in the centre of the pool at the end of the park

RIBA25584Syon House, Isleworth, London: close-up of the fireplace and overmantel in the State Dining Room

RIBA16691Syon House, Isleworth, London: plan and elevation of the gateway and porters' lodges

RIBA25583Syon House, Isleworth, London: the anteroom evoking Imperial Rome with gilded trophies executed by Joseph Rose

RIBA15702Syon House, Isleworth, London: the Great Hall seen from the ante-room with a bronze of the Dying Gaul in the foreground

RIBA28440Syon House, Isleworth, London: the Great Hall seen from the main entrance with a bronze of the Dying Gaul in the foreground

RIBA3002-31Syon House, Isleworth, London: the Great Hall showing the half dome and the statue of Apollo Belvedere in the apse

RIBA15703Syon House, Isleworth, London: the State Dining Room

RIBA51622Tachara (Winter Palace of Darius I), Persepolis: detail of bas-relief on west double stair of a lion, representing the Sun, attacking the eternally fighting bull, representing the Earth

RIBA46148'Tall Tree and the Eye' installation, Annenberg Courtyard, Royal Academy, Burlington House, Piccadilly, London

RIBA89680Tana Rope Works, Campo della Tana, Venice: doorway

RIBA11824Tan-yr-Allt, Tremadog, Gwynedd, seen from the garden pond

RIBA100671Tate Gallery, Albert Dock, Liverpool: the first-floor gallery with a display of British sculpture

RIBA38171Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza: the fixed backdrop

RIBA38173Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza: the fixed backdrop

RIBA72298Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza: the fixed backdrop and part of the auditorium

RIBA41628Technical Schools, Scarborough: sculptural panels by H. C. Fehr

RIBA27478Temple of Amon, Karnak: avenue of ram-headed sphinxes

RIBA9069Temple of Amun, Karnak: the relief of Tuthmosis III and Amun

RIBA55589Temple of British Worthies, Elysian Fields, Stowe, Buckinghamshire

RIBA21727Temple of Ganesa, Varanasi (Benares), Utter Pradesh: interior perspective showing carved stone decoration incoporating heads of the elephant god Ganesh

RIBA9064Temple of Hathor, Dendera: a sunken relief with Cleopatra VII

RIBA13527Temple of Mercury, Pompeii


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