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Villa Barbaro, Maser: plan and elevationRIBA53450

Villa Barbaro, Maser: the entrance terrace with the tempietto in the backgroundRIBA38032

Villa Barbaro, Maser: the nymphaeumRIBA38034

Villa Barbaro, Maser: the nymphaeumRIBA26996

Villa Borghese, Rome: elevation of entrance piersRIBA37608

Villa Cavrois, Croix: the children's dining room, with relief by sculptors Jan and Joel MartelRIBA112133

Villa Farnese, Caprarola: close-up of the grotto-like fountain in the summer dining hallRIBA25468

Villa Farnese, Caprarola: river god of the cantena d'aquaRIBA5690

Villa Farnese, Caprarola: the upper gardenRIBA5689

Villa Farnese, Caprarola: two herms on the second terrace of the upper gardenRIBA5691

Villa Palagonia, Bagheria, Sicily: detail of a grotesque figure on the main entrance gatewayRIBA91454

Villa Palagonia, Bagheria, Sicily: detail of one of sculptures on the outer wallsRIBA91455

Villa Palagonia, Bagheria, Sicily: detail of one of the figures on the main entrance gatewayRIBA91456

Villa Palagonia, Bagheria, Sicily: one of the gateways adorned with grotesque figuresRIBA91453

Villa Palagonia, Bagheria, Sicily: one of the gateways adorned with grotesque figuresRIBA91452

Villa Papa Giulia, Rome: measured drawing of a wall set with niches and statuaryRIBA29062

Villa Papa Giulia, Via Flaminia entrance, Rome: elevation and details of the fountain with an inverted portico of the Corinthian order indicated belowRIBA29061

Villa Pisani (Villa Nazionale), Stra: gateway with belvedere in the parkRIBA38197

Villa Poiana, Poiana MaggioreRIBA70402

Villa Poiana, Poiana MaggioreRIBA70404

Villa Thiene, Quinto Vicentino: plan and elevationRIBA36221

Viranarayana Temple, Cennakesava Temple Complex, BelurRIBA14022

Votive stele to Jupiter Heliopolitanus in the Galleria Lapidaria (Lapidary Gallery) of the Museo Chiaramonti, and dolphin motif architectural fragment, Vatican Museums, RomeRIBA96632

Votivkirche, Vienna: portals on the west frontRIBA14019


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