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Watford Town Hall, Hertfordshire: the refreshment roomRIBA73865

Wellington Monument (or Wellington Testimonial), Phoenix Park, DublinRIBA11674

Wells Cathedral, Somerset: the west front after completion of the restoration of the statuesRIBA91943

Wentworth House (originally known as Stainborough), near Barnsley, Yorkshire, seat of the Earl of Strafford: elevation of the east frontRIBA32851

West German Pavilion, 1958 World's Fair, Brussels, seen from the lawns with an industrial sculpture in the foregroundRIBA23083

West Norwood Cemetery, London: tombs in the Greek Orthodox cemetery with a glimpse of the mausoleum of John Peter Ralli on the rightRIBA48784

Westminster Abbey, London: detail of a figure sculpture from the doorway of the chapter houseRIBA29641

Westminster Abbey, London: detail of a statue from the Chapel of Henry VRIBA29640

Westminster Abbey, London: detail of Henry VII's Lady ChapelRIBA26805

Westminster Abbey, London: detail of the tomb of Henry VII showing the statue of a bearded kingRIBA29639

Westminster Abbey, London: gilt-bronze effigy of Eleanor of Castile in St Edward's chapelRIBA26808

Westminster Abbey, London: Poet's Corner in the south transept with a statue of William Ewart Gladstone in the left foregroundRIBA26807

Westminster Abbey, London: the Decorated tomb canopy on the right of the choir screen containing the monument to 1st Earl of Stanhope (d.1721)RIBA48827

Westminster Abbey, London: the west doorRIBA57289

Westminster Hall, Palace of Westminster, London: details of the roofRIBA10212

Westport House, County Mayo: the grand staircase in the entrance hall dominated by the marble statue by Charles Francis FullerRIBA6997

Wilhering Abbey churchRIBA9009

Wilsdruffer Gasse, Dresden: the facade of a late 16th-early 17th century houseRIBA23298

Wilson Railway Station, Prague: detail of the clockRIBA81139

Wilton House, Wilton: detail of carved porcupine on one of the garden buildingsRIBA102073

Windmill Press, Kingswood, Surrey: the courtyard fountainRIBA72834

Window keystone carved with grotesque head, 26 Queen's Anne Gate, Westminster, LondonRIBA47840

Winter House, 81 Swain's Lane, Highgate, London, seen from the cemeteryRIBA15362

Winter House, 81 Swain's Lane, Highgate, London, seen from the cemeteryRIBA18366


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