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RIBA33556Art Net gallery, 14 West Central Street, Covent Garden, London: Peter Cook (left) and Reyner Banham (centre) in conversation with others

RIBA30554C.I.A.M. Conference, Bridgwater, Somerset: the Mayor of Bridgwater welcoming the members at the Bridgwater Arts Centre: sitting left to right, S. Papadaki, G. Samuel, J. L. Sert, the Mayor, Van Eesteren, Sigfried Giedion and Walter Gropius

RIBA49817Charles Jencks

RIBA33604Colin Rowe

RIBA4088Edwin Smith and Olive Cook

RIBA42393Edwin Smith and Olive Cook in Sicily

RIBA4094Edwin Smith and Olive Cook in the garden, 9A Church Row, Hampstead, London

RIBA69800Edwin Smith and Olive Cook on their wedding day in London

RIBA25891Francesco dal Co

RIBA100522Geoffrey Scott

RIBA40383Gordon Cullen with pipe and Jim Richards on right on The Cobb at Lyme Regis, Dorset

RIBA3346-53Harry Stuart Goodhart-Rendel

RIBA47123Harry Stuart Goodhart-Rendel

RIBA5856Henry-Russell Hitchcock

RIBA47126Henry-Russell Hitchcock in front of the Albert Memorial, Kensington Gore, London

RIBA19192History Faculty, West Road, Cambridge: Reyner Banham with his camera on the catwalk of the roof-truss system

RIBA38711James Maude Richards and Professor Raymond Gordon Brown, seated on the far right, at the Hong Kong University Students' end-of-term party, with a group of students of the newly-founded school of architecture

RIBA3250-49John Harris

RIBA24036John Summerson

RIBA94921Letter from Christopher Saltmarshe to Sir John Summerson dated 9 June 1952 congratulating him on the award of Commander of the Order of the British Empire

RIBA94917Letter from Clough Williams-Ellis to Sir John Summerson dated 12 January 1937 (p. 1)

RIBA94918Letter from Clough Williams-Ellis to Sir John Summerson dated 12 January 1937 (p. 2)

RIBA94919Letter from Denys Lasdun to Sir John Summerson dated 28 September 1978

RIBA94915Letter from E. Maxwell Fry to Sir John Summerson dated 5 April 1951, from Simla where he was working (p. 2-3) with a sketch of his office

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