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RIBA5079Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA17272Albert Dock, Liverpool: detail of doorway in the south facade

RIBA17350Albert Dock, Liverpool: close-up of the cast iron column-supported warehouses

RIBA17351Albert Dock, Liverpool: close-up of the suspension swing footbridge to north of the docks

RIBA17449Albert Dock, Liverpool: detail of a warehouse pulley

RIBA17539Albert Dock, Liverpool: close-up of the cast-iron columns supporting the dockside warehouses

RIBA17546Albert Dock, Liverpool: the suspension swing footbridge to north of the docks

RIBA17872A dockside bollard

RIBA17874A dockside bollard

RIBA17877A mooring ring on the dockside of the Sharpness Ship Canal

RIBA19048Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA19049Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA54915Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA54935A clock tower of the Royal Liver Building and the dome of the Port of Liverpool Building, Pier Head, Liverpool

RIBA81117Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA81118Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA90798Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA90799Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA113459Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA113463Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA113464Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA117022Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA135183Albert Dock, Liverpool

RIBA135184Albert Dock, Liverpool

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