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RIBA3772Cathedral of Notre Dame, Ile de la Cite, Paris

RIBA3774Salisbury Cathedral: the spire seen from the north-west

RIBA3777York Minster: the west front

RIBA3778Lincoln Cathedral: the nave

RIBA3788Chartres Cathedral: the north rose window

RIBA3789Ely Cathedral: the choir and high altar

RIBA3790Cathedral of Notre Dame, Reims: statues surrounding doorways of west portal

RIBA3832Rievaulx Abbey, North Yorkshire: the nave of the church

RIBA3841Lincoln Cathedral: the Angel Choir

RIBA3874Ulm Cathedral

RIBA3938Design for windows for the 'Willow Cathedral'

RIBA3977Cathedral of Notre Dame, Reims: south portal of west front

RIBA4110Detail of colour decoration on clustered columns and springing of vault, Sainte Chapelle, Paris

RIBA4178York Minster: the north transept with the Five Sisters Window

RIBA4179York Minster: the nave looking east

RIBA4562Canterbury Cathedral: Bell Harry Tower

RIBA4587Cathedral of Notre Dame, Bayeux, Normandy: the choir

RIBA4866Cathedral, Valencia: the crossing

RIBA4868Cathedral, Valencia: cross vaulting in the nave

RIBA5033King's College Chapel, Cambridge: close-up of the flying buttresses

RIBA5034King's College Chapel, Cambridge: the fan vaulting

RIBA5054Chartres Cathedral: close-up of the elongated statues of kings, queens and figures from the Old Testament decorating the Portal Royal

RIBA5055Chartres Cathedral: flying buttresses

RIBA5286Divinity School, Oxford

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