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RIBA10315St Demetrius (Hagios Dimitrios), Thessaloniki: details of capitals in the nave and pilaster capitals

RIBA10316St Sophia (Hagia Sophia), Trabzon: details of columns, capitals and reliefs

RIBA12475Views of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: principal elevation

RIBA12476Views of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: section

RIBA21300Views of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: view of the east end

RIBA21303Views of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: plan of the domes

RIBA21304Views of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: section

RIBA21305Mosque of Maidan, Baghdad

RIBA21306Traced portrait of a boy holding a flower, from the Palace of Ichah, Isfahan

RIBA21307View of a palace at Esfahan, Isfahan, possibly Chehel Sutan (Sotoun) - The Palace of Forty Columns, with architectural details

RIBA21308Copy of a mural from an unidentified building in Shiraz showing two mythological characters in combat

RIBA21309Copy of a mural from an unidentified building in Shiraz, showing animals, human figures and a hunting scene

RIBA21310View of the Burnt Column (column of Constantine the Great), Istanbul

RIBA21311Yeni Cami, mosque and tomb of the Sultana Valide, Istanbul: view of the courtyard and ablutions fountain

RIBA21312Yeni Cami, mosque and tomb of the Sultana Valide, Istanbul: details of decorative stonework and calligraphic tiles

RIBA21313Yeni Cami, mosque and tomb of the Sultana Valide, Istanbul: plans and details including decorative stonework and a coloured glass window

RIBA21316Views of Hagia Sophia, Istanbul: details of mosaic decoration in the cupola

RIBA21317Imrahor Camii (Church of St John Studius or Stoudios), Istanbul: sketch view of an interior colonnade looking out onto a garden

RIBA21318Kucuk Aya Sofia Camii (Church of St Sergios and St Bacchos), Istanbul: plan and details of painted decorative stonework

RIBA21319View of Zeyrek Camii (Church of Christ Pantocrator), Istanbul: plan and details of inlaid marble flooring

RIBA21320Topographical drawing of the Dam Weir of Sultan Mahmut, near Belgrat

RIBA21321Measured drawing of Mysie, Assos: site plan of the ancient site, fortifications and acropolis, indicating the positions of the Greek Temple of Neptune, a mosque and other later structures

RIBA21322Anavarza (Anazarba or Anazarbus): measured elevations and plans of the triumphal archway

RIBA21323Topographical drawing of the ruins of the Palace of Kosroes (Khosrau I of Persia), Al-Mada'in, Ctesiphon

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