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RIBA42359(Former) Bedford Park Stores, Bath Road, Bedford Park, Turnham Green, London

RIBA2652210 Downing Street, Whiltehall, London: glimpse of the front door

RIBA1497710 St Mary's Hill, Stamford

RIBA1469110-12 Broughton Street, New Town, Edinburgh

RIBA1476411 East Parade, Sheffield

RIBA146561-10 Moray Place, Strathbungo, Glasgow: the upper part of the back elevation

RIBA146581-10 Moray Place, Strathbungo, Glasgow: the upper part of the back elevation

RIBA4926611-16 North Brink, Wisbech, Cambridgeshire

RIBA1497912 St Paul's Street, Stamford

RIBA147701-4 Cross Green, Warter, East Yorkshire

RIBA4223514 Princes Street, Norwich: detail of door, windows and timber framing

RIBA42222141-143 High Street, Amersham, Buckinghamshire

RIBA4930615-25 Queen Anne's Gate, London, with the statue of Queen Anne on the left

RIBA1806116 Brock Street, Bath: Gothick porch

RIBA1180219 Magazine Street, Londonderry: the entrance doorway

RIBA1496419 St George's Square, Stamford

RIBA1813920 & 21 Coppice Hill, Bradford-on-Avon, Wiltshire

RIBA1497120 High Street St Martin's, Stamford: detail of painted plaster wall

RIBA1081820 Nelson Street, Edinburgh: the Drawing Room

RIBA1805620 Queen Square, Bath: doorway

RIBA4203821 & 22 Richmond Green, Richmond upon Thames, London: the Early Georgian entrances and doorcases with Roman Doric pilasters and friezes

RIBA1496821 St Mary's Street, Stamford

RIBA4913223 Church Street, Woodbridge, Suffolk: the entrance doorway

RIBA543924-26 Queen Street, Cardiff

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