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RIBA40525Signage along the approach to the east front of Woburn Abbey

RIBA40526Woburn Abbey car park

RIBA51067Massed taxis at London Heathrow Airport

RIBA51068Commuters flooding out of London Bridge Station in the rain

RIBA51069British Leyland car factory production line

RIBA51070Urban blocks where the gardens have filled with light industry and garages as seen from the Post Office Tower, London

RIBA53813First page of 'Manplan 1: Frustration'

RIBA62134Design for the front cover of 'Manplan 1: Frustration' in Architectural Review, 1969 September

RIBA62135Vandalised telephone box

RIBA62136Queuing for buses in London

RIBA62137Queuing for buses in London

RIBA62138Waiting in an airport terminal

RIBA62139Waiting for a taxi

RIBA62140Road traffic seen from a taxi in central London

RIBA62141Fire engines and policeman in St James' Street, London

RIBA62142Fleet Street at Temple Bar, London

RIBA62143Traffic congestion in Covent Garden with the tower of Freemasons' Hall in the background, London

RIBA62144BOAC Vickers VC-10 airliner flying low over suburban semi-detached house, London

RIBA62145Planes lined up on the runway, Heathrow Airport, London

RIBA62146The start of the journey home by rail at the end of the working day

RIBA62147A packed Red Arrow bus

RIBA62148A crowded journey on the London Underground

RIBA62149Crowding into the lift to get to the London Underground train

RIBA62150Doors closing on a London Underground train

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