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RIBA3965Design for a tower for Selfridge's department store, Oxford Street, London

RIBA4078Designs for the New Bodleian Library, Oxford: perspective from Trinity College gardens

RIBA4107St Catherine's College, Oxford: the dining hall seen from the east

RIBA4171Sir Thomas White Building, St John's College, Oxford

RIBA4174Nuffield College, Oxford: the Quad

RIBA4175St Catherine's College, Oxford: view looking north of the inward-facing elevation of the west residential block on the left and the auditorium and library on the right

RIBA4176Keble College, Oxford: the gateway

RIBA4177Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford: the Wordsworth Building with Talbot Hall on the left

RIBA4187St Antony's College, Oxford: hall and common rooms

RIBA4188St Antony's College, Oxford: dining hall

RIBA4697Oxford Road Station, Manchester: the entrance facade seen from the main approach

RIBA4783Overshot, Hinskey Hill, Oxford: the front entrance

RIBA4784Overshot, Hinskey Hill, Oxford: general view from the approach

RIBA4785Overshot, Hinskey Hill, Oxford: the garden elevation

RIBA4786Overshot, Hinskey Hill, Oxford: the entrance hall

RIBA4787Overshot, Hinskey Hill, Oxford, looking across the hall to the staircase

RIBA4788Overshot, Hinskey Hill, Oxford: looking across the living room onto the balcony

RIBA4789Overshot, Hinskey Hill, Oxford: the living room

RIBA4790Overshot, Hinskey Hill, Oxford: the living room

RIBA4791Overshot, Hinskey Hill, Oxford: the kitchen

RIBA4792Overshot, Hinskey Hill, Oxford: the kitchen

RIBA5149HMV (His Master's Voice) record store, 363 Oxford Street, London, by night

RIBA5170Oxford Road railway station, Manchester: the laminated timber shell roof

RIBA5176Oxford Road railway station, Manchester

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