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Examples of American architecture; A) The Butler House B) The Newbold House C-D) Window & Plans, The Robie House E) The Jacobs House F) The Tremaine House: plansRIBA100997

Comparative Church Plans, early RussiaRIBA100853

Comparative Plans of Greek Temples (A-N)RIBA100811

Comparative Windows (A-N): elevations and plansRIBA100857

Conjectural reconstruction of the Palace of Sargon, Khorsabad: aerial perspective, elevations and plans with details of relief sculpturesRIBA100769

Doge's Palace, Venice: plan, elevations and perspectiveRIBA100882

Examples of African architecture; Pre-colonial Africa; religious (A-C); palaces (D-J)RIBA100917

Examples of Australian architecture; A-C) Parliament, Melbourne D-E) The Treasury, Melbourne F-G Lands Department, Sydney: plans, sections and elevationsRIBA100998

NOT FOR WEB - Mosque of Ibn Tulun, Cairo: plan of the mida'aRIBA97243

Temple of Hephaestus, (Theseion), Athens: elevations, perspectives, sections and plansRIBA100800

A) Palace of Maximian, Piazza Armerina; B) Palace of Diocletian, Spalato: plansRIBA100826

Alternative Early Church Plans: A) Lateran Baptistery, Rome; B) Baptistery, Milan; C) Baptistery, Nocera; D) Santa Constanza, Rome; E) San Stefano Rotondo, Rome; F) San Lorenzo, Milan; G) Holy Apostles, Milan; H) Cathedral, Bosra; J) St. Simeon Stylites, from the Byzantine EmpireRIBA100835

Basilica of Trajan: Rome A); Basilica of Constantine, Rome B-E); Basilica of Constantine, Trier (F-G): interior perspectives, plans, sections and elevationRIBA100830

Baths of Caracalla, Rome: plans and perspectivesRIBA100829

Citadel of Tiryns: plans and details of constructionRIBA100782

Colosseum, Rome: plans, sections and elevationRIBA100828

Column of Trajan (A-F); A Rostral Column (G); Tomb of the Julii S. Remy, Nr Arles (H); Tor di Schiavi, Rome (K); Rock-Cut Tomb of El Khasne, Petra (J); Mausoleum of Hadrian, Rome (L): plans, sections and elevationsRIBA100823

'Comparative Arches': diagramsRIBA100788

'Comparative Diagrams of Vaults' (A-F)RIBA100790

Comparative Greek and Roman ornament / architectural features (A-T): diagrams of profilesRIBA100797

Constructional diagrams of Japanese temples; A) construction; B) bracket systems; C) roof types; D) Horyuji Yumendono, Nara; E) Great South Gate, Todaiji, NaraRIBA100913

Design for Lee House, a warehouse extension at 90 Great Bridgewater Street, Manchester, for Tootal Broadhurst Lee & Co.: elevation to Milling StreetRIBA97151

Design model for the incorporation of the facade of the Pantheon into a house, Stapleash Farm, West Dean: garden facadeRIBA12485

Domus Augustana, Rome; (A-B) ); Domus Aurea (C-D): plans and aerial perspectiveRIBA100827

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