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RIBA2093Fagus factory, Alfeld an der Leine, Lower Saxony

RIBA4861Bauhaus, Dessau: the laboratories

RIBA4862Bauhaus, Dessau: detail of the balconies on the student accommodation block

RIBA4863Bauhaus, Dessau

RIBA4864Bauhaus, Dessau: detail of fenestration

RIBA4865Bauhaus, Dessau: the entrance

RIBA9112Bauhaus building, Dessau

RIBA11174Village College, Impington: view of the end of the classroom wing

RIBA11175Village College, Impington: the science laboratory

RIBA11572Village College, Impington: view from the west showing the assembly hall entrance and two-storey block containing the domestic science and art rooms

RIBA11573Village College, Impington: the gymnasium block

RIBA11574Village College, Impington: view from the covered way looking across the grass courts towards the two-storey block

RIBA11575Village College, Impington: entrance to the assembly hall

RIBA11576Village College, Impington: the lecture room

RIBA12618Design for flats for the Isokon Control Company, St Leonard's Hill, Windsor

RIBA14424Village College, Impington: students at recreation in the grassed courtyard

RIBA14425Village College, Impington: students engaged in a domestic science lesson

RIBA15776Houses 16 and 17, Bruckmannweg 4-6, Weissenhofsiedlung, Stuttgart

RIBA17992Harvard Graduate Centre, Cambridge, Massachusetts

RIBA24082Walter Gropius

RIBA24083Walter Gropius on the occasion of his receiving the Royal Gold Medal at the Royal Institute of British Architects, London

RIBA24084Royal Gold Medal presentation, Royal Institute of British Architects, London: Walter Gropius with the RIBA President, Charles Aslin

RIBA24085Fagus factory, Alfeld an der Leine, Lower Saxony

RIBA24086The Wood House, Upper Green Road, Shipbourne, Kent: the study

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