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RIBA4697Oxford Road Station, Manchester: the entrance facade seen from the main approach

RIBA5170Oxford Road railway station, Manchester: the laminated timber shell roof

RIBA5176Oxford Road railway station, Manchester

RIBA14267Oxford Road railway station, Manchester: the laminated timber shell roof under construction

RIBA54750New Bodleian Library, Parks Road, Oxford: one of the despatch and delivery stations in the book stacks

RIBA61465Oxford Road Station, Manchester: the main entrance

RIBA61466Oxford Road Station, Manchester: the laminated timber shell roof at the main entrance

RIBA61467Oxford Road Station, Manchester: the booking office

RIBA61468Oxford Road Station, Manchester: part of the concourse with the booking office to the right

RIBA61469Oxford Road Station, Manchester: the refreshment bar

RIBA61470Oxford Road Station, Manchester: bench near the booking office

RIBA61471Oxford Road Station, Manchester: ticket collectors' boxes

RIBA61472Oxford Road Station, Manchester: the parcels office

RIBA61473Oxford Road Station, Manchester: the relay and frequency changing room

RIBA63341Helen House Hospice for children and young adults, Magdalen Road, Oxford: the nurse's station with the children's rooms radiating off the corridor

RIBA70573Oxford Rewley Road Station (former), Oxford

RIBA70574Oxford Rewley Road Station (former), Oxford: the front elevation

RIBA70575Oxford Rewley Road Station (former), Oxford: detail of the canopy


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