Katsura Imperial Villa, Kyoto: the main villa with the Ko-shoin on the far right, the Chu-shoin in the centre and the Shin-goten on the left

RIBApix ref no RIBA114606
Artist/PhotographerBarr, John
Subject Date1663
Image Date2018
MediumDigital image
Library ReferenceBarr 18-04-02
Colour / B&W Black and white
Credit John Barr / RIBA Collections
Notes NOTES: Construction of the villa began under the aegis of Prince Hachijo Toshito (1579--1629) and was continued by his son Toshitada, who constructed the main house and several tea houses. The villa had largely reached its present form by 1662, when the former Emperor Go-Mizunoo visited there. Subsequent heirs of the Hachijo family died in their teens. making additions to the Katsura Imperial Villa impossible. Although the seventh generation prince, Prince Yakahito, visited the villa numerous times and made repairs to it, leaving most of the layout in its original form.

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Gardens, palaces, lakes, timber construction