Using RIBApix

We have designed RIBApix.com to provide powerful tools to help you find the images you want while keeping the process quick and easy. This guide will explain some of the features you’ll find most useful when browsing and using our website.

Do I need to register to make purchases on the site?

You will need to register for an account to start using our site, un-registered users may browse our collection but can’t save images or make purchases. Create your RIBApix account now if you haven’t already done so.

How do I find images?

Using the 'SEARCH RIBApix' quick search box at the top of the page allows you to quickly look for Images by keyword if you know the title.

The best way to browse and find images is to use the Browse page. You’ll find this in the top navigation menu. On the left side of the page you will see a range of filter options which allow you to tailor your search.

  • Keywords (you can add as many as you wish by using the + button)
  • Architect / Designer: Search by Surname.
  • Artist / Photographer: Search by Surname.
  • Subject
  • Town/ City
  • Country
  • Reference Number: Include RIBA in reference, e.g. RIBA12345

There are two additional filters which you can use to further refine your search. Click ‘Image Attributes’ or ‘Date Ranges’ to see more options.

How do I save my favourite images?

Registered users can use ‘My Lightbox’ to save favourite images or shortlisted items. This useful feature helps when you’re searching for several images. It’s also useful if you need to come back later. Once you've selected your image from the gallery click the heart icon (displayed under the image) to add it to your Lightbox. You can access ‘My Lightbox’ next to the search box in the top menu, or through the ‘My Account’ section.

How do I buy images?

We currently offer three options for purchasing images. From the image gallery click the thumbnail of your choice to start the buying process.

Once selected you will see the Image Overview page. Each image has four tabs:

Image Overview: a preview of the image along with relevant meta information.

Buy an Art Print: choose the size and paper type for your print. Click ‘Buy’ to complete your purchase.

Buy a Framed Print: choose the size and paper type, then click ‘Show Framing Options’ to choose your frame. Click ‘Buy’ to complete your purchase.

Buy an Image Licence: fill out the image licence wizard to receive a quote. Click ‘Buy’ to complete your purchase.

How do I find my account  or order information?

Access your account information and purchase history by clicking ‘User Login’ in the top menu.

Enter your username and password.

You will now see ‘My Account’ in the top menu. You can change your address, password, and address here.

You can also view purchases or quotes in the following sections:

  • View my quotes: for quotation prices of images refered to RIBA.
  • View my orders: for checking the status of orders placed.
  • My downloads: for accessing and downloading any image licenses you may have purchased.

When you would like to log out please click the 'Log Out' button on the left hand side of the 'My Account' page.

Need more help?

Browse our frequently asked questions for further help using our site.