Erik Gunnar Asplund: Landscapes and Buildings

Erik Gunnar Asplund: Landscapes and Buildings


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  • 9780815378228
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  • English
  • 176
  • Taylor & Francis Inc
  • Aug 2018
Taking an interdisciplinary approach, weaving together art, philosophy, history and literature, this book investigates the landscapes and buildings of Swedish architect Erik Gunnar Asplund. Through critical essays and beautiful illustrations focusing on four projects, the Woodland Cemetery; the Stockholm Public Library; the Stockholm Exhibition and Asplund's own house at Stennas, it addresses the topic of buildings accompanied by landscapes.
It proposes that themes related to landscape are central to Asplund's distinctive work, with these particular sites forming a collection that documents an evolution in his design thinking from 1915 - 1940. The architect himself wrote comparatively little about his design intentions. However, through close reading and analysis of the selected projects as landscapes with architecture, author Malcolm Woollen argues that reflections of the history of Swedish landscape architecture and the intellectual climate in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries are evident in his work. He also claims that this analysis reveals concepts that help to explain the architect's intentions.
This book is a must-have for academics, advanced students and researchers in landscape architecture and design interested in Nordic Classicism and the works of Erik Gunnar Asplund.