Kengo Kuma and the Portland Japanese Garden

Kengo Kuma and the Portland Japanese Garden

Kuma: Bognar, Botond; Bognar, Balazs

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  • 9780847864669
  • Hardback
  • English
  • 176
  • Rizzoli International Publications
  • Apr 2019
Kengo Kuma and the Portland Japanese Garden introduces the star Japanese architect s first public project in the United States. Kuma won the Portland Japanese Garden invitational competition by proposing a design that, while executed with contemporary materials and the latest construction technology, also builds on the principles of traditional architecture and craftsmanship. The resulting group of small buildings superbly blends with its magnificent natural environment and provides an outstanding example of Kuma s artistry of seamlessly connecting nature and architecture as well as past and present without falling into the trap of mimicry or sentimentality. The book includes chapters on the reverence of nature and Japanese culture, on architecture and gardens in Japan, on the architecture of Kengo Kuma beyond the garden, and on craftsmanship and design, as well as on the new buildings and the garden itself, which is widely considered the most beautiful such garden outside Japan.