Library, a Social Condenser: Hunter's Point Community Library

Library, a Social Condenser: Hunter's Point Community Library

Holl: Tsachrella D; Tsachrelia, Dimitra

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  • 9783037785522
  • Paperback
  • English
  • 300
  • Lars Muller Publishers
  • Aug 2018
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Nearing completion, New York's Hunters Point Community Library is situated along the banks of the East River in Long Island City. The result of a seven-year effort, the library will bring community-devoted space to the increasingly privatized Long Island City waterfront. Library, a Social Condenser traces the history of the library's development and the uncompromising fight to keep the realized structure true to its original conception- that of a social catalyst in the midst of dense, high-rise structures. Through the collective commentary of individuals involved in or influenced by the project, the book provides insight into an individual and collective fight for the common good. At the same time it demonstrates for multiple audiences what can be accomplished when excellence in design and the commitment and persistence of government officials and community leaders combine to protect and enhance public space.