Plus: Jestico + Whiles

Plus: Jestico + Whiles

Jestico & Whiles: Spring M & Taylor D; Taylor, David

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  • 9781908967121
  • Paperback
  • English
  • 191
  • Artifice Press
  • Dec 2012
Plus: Jestico + Whiles charts the happenstance of events that has guided the practice's award winning design approach against the changing political and economic events of the last 30 years. Their portfolio of work ranges from mainstream, residential, education, hotel and transport developments to more unusual cultural and social projects around the world. With offices in London and Prague and projects completed in 20 countries worldwide, the book relates how Jestico + Whiles became the first practice to transfer their ownership into a trust run by and for the benefit of their staff, leading to creative working relationships with clients and unusual designs of great quality.