Epic Space

Epic Space

Martin, Ian

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  • 9781783523177
  • Hardback
  • English
  • 256
  • Cornerstone
  • Mar 2017
Epic Space is a hilarious take on contemporary culture as viewed through the twisted prism of `Martin', amoral architectural consultant with a penchant for a long lunch and powerful friends, including members of the Cabinet and HRH the Prince of Wales.

Written in weekly diary form, Martin's world is a mad and woozy version of our own: one in which Martin and his friend, the nanofuturologist Beansy, can invent Kryptogel - a new building material developed using `hard air'. It's a world where the property wing of the Church of England builds buy-to-let almshouses while `bouncy mega-mosques' have helium-stiffened minarets. An arts correspondent is sacked by a Sunday newspaper and replaced with his own overdressed architectural dachshund. Soot becomes a valuable stock market commodity. A hipster skyscraper is called the Blard. And an ambitious plan is hatched to turn the North around so that it faces south.

Big questions are asked: Is Texture The New Fragrance? Is Modern Modernism Just Post-Modernism But With A Neo-Modernistic Coat On? How Fat is Your Faceprint?

And, reassuringly, there are still plenty of boozy lunches.