Popular Terms in Architecture: A Dictionary

Popular Terms in Architecture: A Dictionary

Anselm Wagner (ed.)

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  • 9783868593945
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  • English
  • 256
  • JOVIS Verlag
  • Oct 2019
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Notions such as atmosphere, building culture, Green Architecture, heterotopy, parametrism, performance, spatial appropriation, Smart City, Third Space, or the omnipresent sustainability dominate current architectural discourse, but what is actually behind these catchwords? Owing to their excessive use for PR purposes, the original meaning often gets lost-the concepts become empty words that are used almost arbitrarily. In any case they are fashionable terms that have an eminently ideological function and tell us a lot about contemporary architecture and its social context. Popular Terms in Architecture analyzes and explains 30 of these terms in concise, generally comprehensible essays authored by international experts. The dictionary is targeted towards architects and architecture students, as well as amateur architecture enthusiasts.