Architectural Material & Detail Structure: Glass

Architectural Material & Detail Structure: Glass

Brown R

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  • 9781910596326
  • Hardback
  • English
  • 320
  • Design Media Publishing (UK) Limited
  • Nov 2015
The history of glassmaking can be traced back to 3500BC in Mesopotamia and it is the Romans who first used glass in architecture. With the development of technology glass has become a common material in contemporary architecture. We have glass ceramics, polished wire glass and groove glass, glass tiles etc. With increasingly diversified surface treatments such as enamelling, acid embossing, sandblasting and screen printing, there seem to be endless choices for architectural design. This book introduces various types of glass and through analysis of included projects, images, detailed drawings and informative text, it illustrates the characteristics of glass and its application. It's a practical reference for architects and other readers alike interested in the application of glass in architectural design.