Upscaling Earth: Material, Process, Catalyst

Upscaling Earth: Material, Process, Catalyst

Heringer, Anna; Blair Howe, Lindsay; Rauch, Martin

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  • 9783856763930
  • Paperback
  • English
  • 170
  • Gta Verlag
  • Oct 2019
As environmental pressures continue to increase and concerns about resource scarcity continue to grow, a number of prominent architectural thinkers are returning to one of the world's oldest construction methods: earth building. Upscaling Earth showcases innovative thinking about materials and the potential for earth building to replace more environmentally damaging, resource-intensive materials like concrete. What economic, environmental, and social conditions, the book asks, would be necessary for an upscaling of earth to occur?

Presenting a wide range of built and unbuilt projects and outlining strategies that can be implemented to adapt the use of earth to each unique culture and context, Upscaling Earth demonstrates groundbreaking technological innovations that highlight the advantages of this material. From worldwide availability to the possibility of comprehensive recycling, from climate-neutral production to socially just implementation, the book reveals the incredible potential of earthen architecture.