Property Valuation Principles

Property Valuation Principles

Isaac, David & O'Leary, John; O'Leary, John

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  • 9780230355804
  • Paperback
  • English
  • 248
  • Macmillan Education UK
  • Jan 2012
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This concise textbook is a user-friendly introduction to property valuation for students and practitioners who are new to the subject. The text covers the following key areas of study: valuation and markets, methods of valuation, the investment method in detail, taxation and statutory valuations, and the development appraisal and finance. It is packed with worked examples and photos, and covers the five main methods of valuation, their application in a variety of markets and their relation to the wider economic context. It aims to build knowledge and develop a subject vocabulary.

This text is aimed primarily at undergraduates or students on postgraduate conversion courses in estate management, property, surveying, planning, design and construction disciplines. Professional advisors such as bankers, financial advisors, accountants, investors, analysts and lawyers should also find this text useful as an aid to their dealings in the property sector.