Interior Design for Small Dwellings

Interior Design for Small Dwellings

Baldwin Halbe, Sherrill (Montana State U; Mark, Rose K

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  • 9781138583658
  • Paperback
  • English
  • 368
  • Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • Oct 2018
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Interior Design for Small Dwellings addresses the onrush of interest in smaller homes and the possibility that small dwellings might be the answer to housing needs and sustainability. The book explores key principles essential to residing and designing small interiors with emphasis on client involvement and implementation of participatory, inclusive design as advocated by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation.
Does living in a small space mean living small? The authors believe that by simplifying one's life intelligently and applying certain principles of design, planning and organization, one can actually live a meaningful life in a smaller space. These tenets are based on the authors' professional experiences and living in small homes. To this end, the book provides discussion, images, case studies, interviews, worksheets, activities and suggested explorations.
Interior Design for Small Dwellings is a teaching guide and provides information and exercises that help professional designers utilize design theory, space planning and programming techniques. Throughout, the text affords sustainability, biophilic design and wellness methodologies.