Landscape Observer:: London

Landscape Observer:: London

Guculak, V

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  • 9783868593969
  • Paperback
  • English
  • 307
  • JOVIS Verlag
  • Oct 2017
London has been undergoing a substantial urban transformation in the past 15 years with a big focus on improving public realm across its 32 boroughs. Extensive infrastructure and housing market investments are fuelling the need for a range of quality public spaces. Changes include the creation of new public spaces and good quality housing, revitalization of brownfields, strengthening of communities, and upgrading of existing parklands and gardens. Landscape Observer: London provides an overview of around 90 projects that were implemented in the last years, ranging in scales, programme, and budget. Photographs capture the spaces in their everyday set up and operation and details of the hard and soft landscape elements are labelled to provide readers with essential information on key materials and plants used in each individual project. An index at the end of the book enables a quick search through the pages.
* An atlas of contemporary landscape architecture in public spaces in London * A reference guide and source of inspiration for landscape architects, urban planners, garden designers, and political activists in the field of infrastructure and urban planning * Provides suggestions for city walks through the various districts of London * With an index for a quick overview of projects and design elements