Photography and the Art Market: 2018

Photography and the Art Market: 2018

Aitken, Richard

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  • ISBN
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  • 9781848220102
  • Paperback
  • English
  • 256
  • Lund Humphries Publishers Ltd
  • Sep 2008
'This is a book to treasure. Lavishly illustrated, lovingly written, globally inclusive...' (Choice).

Hailed on publication as essential reading for anyone interested in plants and gardens, Botanical Riches is now available for the first time in a beautifully produced paperback edition.

The botanical riches of this book are twofold. This is firstly a book about plants themselves, and the story of their exploration, appreciation, introduction and exploitation through the ages. But it is equally about the collective library of books that document this botanical exploration and appreciation of plants, and the history and craft of botanical illustration. Richard Aitken brings his wide expertise in garden history to this highly illustrated book. He traces man's gradual realisation of the potential of plants for medicinal, nutritional, flavouring and decorative purposes from the ancient and classical worlds, through to the Renaissance and the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, to today. Entire mercantile societies revolved around the trade in spices, oils and fruit and vegetables, making those in possession of such natural resources extremely wealthy.

Botanical Riches is magnificently illustrated with some of the world's most glorious engraved, lithographed and hand-coloured botanical illustrations. From the earliest Renaissance herbals to elaborate and beautiful volumes from the golden age of printing, books celebrating plants from far-off lands brought with them a sense of wonder. Botanical Riches relies on the fusion of nature and culture, art, history and botanical observation. Its apt and generous illustrations complement a lively and gripping tale.