Construction Health and Safety in Developing Countries

Construction Health and Safety in Developing Countries

Manu, Patrick (University of Manchester,; Emuze, Fidelis (Central University of Te; Abreu Saurin, Tarcisio (Federal Universi; Hadikusumo, Bonaventura

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  • 9781138317079
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  • 324
  • Taylor & Francis Ltd
  • Sep 2019
The global construction sector is infamous for high levels of injuries, accidents, fatalities and poor health and well-being of its workforce. While this record appears in both developed and developing countries, the situation is worse in developing countries, where major spending on infrastructure development is expected. There is an urgent need to improve construction health and safety (H&S) in developing countries. The improvement calls for the development of context-specific solutions underpinned by research into challenges and related solutions.
This edited volume advances the current understanding of construction H&S in developing countries by: revealing context-specific issues and challenges that have hitherto not been well explored in the literature; and applying emergent H&S management approaches and practices in developing countries. Coverage includes countries from regions such as sub-Saharan Africa, Latin America, Asia, and Europe. This book, which is the first compendium of research into construction H&S issues in developing countries, adds considerable insight into the field and presents innovative solutions to help address poor H&S in construction in developing nations. It is a must read for all construction professionals, researchers and practitioners interested in construction and occupational H&S, safety management, engineering management and development studies.