JA 115 - Manabu Chiba

JA 115 - Manabu Chiba

The Japan Architect

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  • 9784786903090
  • Paperback
  • English
  • Japan Architect Co Ltd
  • 160
  • Sep 2019
Architect Manabu Chiba is the focus of this special issue of the magazine. Established in 2001, his office has since produced a wide range of work, from private residences, housing complexes, and commercial projects, to schools and town halls. Catered to their specific environments, his designs are known for incorporating human relationships and communal social situations. This issue consists of three chapters, each corresponding to one of his methods: floor plans, studies, and photographs. The featured projects include 24 works, from projects dating from the time Chiba''s office was first established up to the present, as well as ongoing projects and proposals for the future.