BIM for Construction Clients

BIM for Construction Clients

Saxon, Richard

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  • 9781859466070
  • Paperback
  • English
  • 160
  • RIBA Publishing
  • Mar 2016
With the government-mandated 2016 deadline for BIM level 2 upon us there is a need for everyone in the built environment to embrace the advantages of BIM-enabled working. Clients are not often confident to play their allotted role and must understand what is required of them and how best to utilise BIM for their own benefit. This publication provides an authoritative introduction to what BIM means in real terms for clients and will enable:
* Understanding of the strategic value of BIM for clients and how it changes their role;
* Seeing through case studies how typical clients are experiencing using BIM;
* Setting up a project on a BIM-using basis;
* Controlling of the design and construction stages with the benefit of data;
* Receiving and operating both real and virtual assets;
* Learning where BIM is going next.
A must-have for public and private clients of all sorts - whether occasional or regular, facility managers, asset managers or developers - as well as client advisors, architects, project managers, contractors and others working on their behalf.