Is it all About Image?: How PR works in Architecture

Is it all About Image?: How PR works in Architecture

Iloniemi, Laura

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  • 9780470866900
  • Paperback
  • English
  • 224
  • John Wiley and Sons Ltd
  • Aug 2004
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Publicity is essential for any practice to keep afloat and continue attracting commissions, as even modest jobs often come in through recommendation and reputation. This is the first comprehensive and accessible guide for any archite who wants to wise up on their PR. The book reveals varying forms of PR support and looks at how these operate within a variety of office cultures, letting you in on what happens behind the scenes. Anecdotal evidence of what can work for you provides first hand evidence which steers clear of corporate style bullet point guidelines. Thus, case studies, interviews of publicists and also the press is used to corroborate other information.
* This is the first book to give a comprehensive and accessible account of the way publicity can work for architectural firms of any size * It is illustrated with case studies of the way that very different architectural projects have been promoted worldwide, from the Guggenheim to the wobbly bridge * Provides essential information on the way that publicity can be dealt with in small and large offices alike * Features interviews with people who are working in PR at every level, from individuals working alone to large practices with entire PR departments