Glorious Hotels of India

Glorious Hotels of India

Brockway, Cosmo Samuel; Compston, Harriet; Puri, Karam

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  • 9788193750186
  • Hardback
  • English
  • 272
  • Roli Books Pvt Ltd
  • Sep 2019
Glorious Hotels of India is a luxury illustrated book featuring a hand-picked collection of the subcontinent's most spectacular places to stay. It gives a grand yet intimate tour of 40 properties, with half of the properties being recent openings. The majority have never been featured before in a publication of this kind. Celebrating India's splendid heritage while showcasing exciting contemporary design, each subject is captured like a jewel in a box with panoramic detail and portrait shots. Properties include historic palaces, destination spas, seductive beach resorts and romantic houseboats. With insightful and meticulously researched material, Glorious Hotels of India is a fresh, dynamic and informed book that captures the zeitgeist of various parts of India and avoids the cliched.