Former Wine Warehouse Trieste

Former Wine Warehouse Trieste

Molinari, Luca

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  • 9788899534547
  • Paperback
  • English
  • 208
  • Forma Edizioni
  • Oct 2018
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The complete and detailed story of the recovery and transformation of the 19th century home of the former wine warehouse on the seaside boulevard of Trieste, with numerous engaging work site images that reveal the complexity of the building phases, the specificity of the work processes that were necessary and the shots of the results upon completion.

The design does not modify the original volume but invades it by excavating the space for another completely independent, ethereal and translucent building inside it, sized to reflect the rhythm of the masonry wall of the original facade. The physical gap between the new 'product' and the historical screen has become a fascinating locus between internal and external. The glass that seals the internal shell reflects the outlines of the warehouse walls and their openings, allowing for visibility of the activities that are being conducted inside. The monograph is introduced by critical and descriptive essays and accompanied by a wealth of iconographic material including technical drawings at various scales.