Future Office: Next-generation workplace design

Future Office: Next-generation workplace design

Gillen, Nicola

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  • 9781859468456
  • Paperback
  • English
  • 176
  • RIBA Publishing
  • Feb 2019
office is dead. Long live the office. Despite decades of predictions
that the office is on the verge of extinction, it is surviving and thriving. Of
course things are changing. And changing fast. Digital technologies are
transforming not only the work we do, but also the ways our workplaces are
designed, built and operated. Automation and AI mean that some jobs will no
longer exist whilst others will be created.

the very essence of the workplace - human interaction and collaboration,
remains as necessary as ever. In fact, it is the human focus that is driving
this new age, with four generations now in the workplace together for the first

an interdisciplinary approach, this book discusses the impacts of these changes
on the future of work and workplace. The latest technologies are also explored
from voice and digital twins, to new materials such as graphene and
battery-powered buildings.

book looks at what this means for the design process, the role of the architect
and physical place itself in the future, and provides a practical guide to help
architects, designers, developers, clients and occupiers create office spaces
that promote wellbeing, innovation and growth.