The British Papers

The British Papers

Brady, Angela ed

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  • 9781859466032
  • Paperback
  • English
  • 88
  • RIBA Publishing
  • Mar 2015
The British Papers is a collection of invited essays and opinions from architectural and urban -design leaders, as a snapshot of current thinking and approaches to sustainable city-making.

This series of essays, compiled and edited by Angela Brady, brings together the thoughts of leading figures in the industry - such as Richard Rogers, Sir Terry Farrell, and Judit Kimpian to name but a few - to share their particular viewpoints about latest design thinking. This wide ranging collection of essays covers everything from Historic England (English Heritage) Carol Pyrah, promoting regeneration via constructive conservation to the Academy of Urbanism Steven Bee, discussing how our history, culture and identity anchor us in place and time. Our top universities - the LSE, Manchester and Birmingham among others - are key to shaping our city-design thinking and creative architects and engineers pave the way with their innovative ideas and projects - and this collection of essays is a testament to their hard work, creativity and ingenuity.

The mistakes of the western world in recent decades are continuously being repeated in many developing countries - soulless, rootless, gas-guzzling buildings have been built without reference to their cultural context or suitable to local climate conditions. However, in Britain we have a wealth of experts and professionals - some of whom have been brought together in these essays - who can offer a clear message about how we can learn together to build better cities to help prepare our world for a low-carbon future.