Desire Lines: A Guide to Community Participation in Designing Places

Desire Lines: A Guide to Community Participation in Designing Places

Malone, Lesley

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  • 9781859467275
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  • RIBA Publishing
  • Sep 2018
Desire lines are the paths that people create through regular usage. They appear where people repeatedly choose to walk and usually signify a route from A to B that's quicker than the formal path provided. In most cases they indicate the mismatch between what local people want and what
designers think people want. By employing some social research basics in the
design development process, placemakers can work more meaningfully with local
communities to meet their needs and aspirations.

This is a practical guide to running public consultations,
co-design and community engagement to help practitioners make the most of local
knowledge and insight for the benefit of design. It offers guidance on managing
community participation, and unapologetically aims to encourage designers to
start thinking like social researchers when they undertake these programmes.

It's intended for placemakers - architects, urban designers,
landscape architects, and other built environment professionals involved in the
planning and design of public realm - who want to develop more people-centred,
community-led design approaches. It's also a valuable tool for students of
these disciplines, both as guidance on projects involving primary fieldwork,
and as general preparation for professional practice, where skills in working
with local communities are increasingly important.