Territories in Crisis: Architecture and Urbanism Facing Changes in Europe

Territories in Crisis: Architecture and Urbanism Facing Changes in Europe

Bianchetti, Cristina / Elena Cogato Lanz; Cogato Lanza, Elena; Enver Kercucu, Agim; Sampieri, Angelo; Voghera, Angioletta

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  • 9783868593839
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  • 328
  • JOVIS Verlag
  • Dec 2015
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Europe's current crisis is also a crisis of the European city. The economic, social, and political insecurity has changed our perception of territories, institutions, and forms of living and has weakened the complex interactions within Europe dramatically. It also compromises the re-shaping of our physical landscape. However, the crisis is also bringing forth new opportunities-for urban transformation, new urban practices, and forms of participation. Based on case studies from Italy, France, Spain, Belgium, or Switzerland,Territories in Crisis reflects the countless challenges presented by the crisis from a historical, sociological, and economical perspective and sets them in relation to existing and potential forms of urbanity. The analysis results in proposals for new and functioning urban models, as well as tools and methods to cope with the changes. The aim of the publication is to develop a new European framework for architecture and urban planning in the era of crisis.