Atlas of Another America - An Architectural Fiction

Atlas of Another America - An Architectural Fiction

Krumwiede, K

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  • 9783038600022
  • Hardback
  • English
  • 272
  • Park Books
  • Nov 2016
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An Atlas of Another America is a work of speculative architectural fiction and theoretical analysis of the American single-family house and its native habitat, the suburban metropolis. Mass-marketed and endlessly multiplied, and the definitive symbol of success in America and around the world, the suburban house has also become a global economic calamity and an impending environmental catastrophe. Yet, as both object and idea, it remains largely unexamined from an architectural perspective. This new book fills this gap through projects and essays that reflect upon, critique, and reformulate the equation that binds the house as an object to the American dream as a concept. Adopting tone and format of an historical architectural treatise, it builds upon an eminent lineage of architectural research from Piranesi and Ledoux to Branzi and Koolhaas in which imaginary but not implausible worlds are constructed through drawing in order to reframe reality and reorient the discipline towards new territories of action.