Minsk: Architectural Guide

Minsk: Architectural Guide

Zadorin, Dimitrij

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  • 9783869222394
  • Paperback
  • English
  • 540
  • DOM Publishers
  • Sep 2018
This guide not only introduces the reader to popular tourist attractions in Minsk, it offers a comprehensive picture of all layers and aspects of the city. The architectural works presented range from 17th century churches to arenas and hotels built for the 2014 Ice Hockey World Championships; from iconic symbols of the Belarusian capital to the distant but intriguing outskirts. The author tells the story of Minsk by presenting the "seven faces" of the city: 200 buildings, 10 squares, 5 war monuments, 7 parks, all metro stations, as well as 10 residential estates and 20 mass series that together contributed to what became known as the "Minsk Phenomenon."